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Everyone's awareof the liberal media bias in the news,but what about the way they portray couplesin every sitcom, where there's a dumb husbandchasing his wife around the whole episode like,"I want to have sex," and she's never in the mood? [cheers and applause] I assure you, ladies,this is not the perspective you're going to enjoy. I havea very gender-specific slant that I ride pretty hard.

They just hammerthat stereotype home that men alwayswant to have sex and women never do. Because the reality is, whether you wantto admit it or not, no man's everloved you more or been more physicallyattracted to you than he was the first timehe had sex with you. Okay, now, don't look at himright now and make the eveninguncomfortable.

I blame Hollywood for ruiningevery relationship that I've ever been in. I don't carewhat he says." It's true100% of the time.

Caption: Daniel Gosh and his girlfriend, Megan Abrigo, leaving a party at the Gansevoort South Hotel in Miami Beach But there's always been issues between today.

His edgy and irreverent humour has caused him to be condemned by anti-sexual assault groups.

Daniel Tosh Wife, Girlfriend, Dating List : Daniel Dwight Tosh was born on 29th March 1975.

He has also appeared in the episode of Punk’d of MTV and has been known most for his show Tosh.0.

The audience members said they were not refunded the cost of their tickets but offered a free pair to another show at the LA club whose past stand-ups include Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams and Bob Hope.