Updating 2 prong to 3 prong outlets

Under normal conditions, there should never be any current on the ground wire.

Think of it as an emergency lane on the highway; things should work just fine without it, but when something goes wrong, you better have it.

Connect the bare ground wire to the green screen on the receptacle.

If there is no ground wire the ONLY thing you can do is replace the receptacle with a GFCI receptacle.

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To start off, the third prong on a plug is for the ground wire, and its job is to bond electrical components.

Hi Lahna, Homes built in the 60’s have only a two wire system with no ground wire in most circuits.

You may change the outlet to a three prong the ground prong will be grounded via the box it is attached to.

In my final walkthrough, I found that the electrician did not repair the open-grounded outlets I marked out , instead he installed two-pronged outlets.

It is unclear why he could not find the ground error. 406.4 (D) does not apply here since the structure was once required to have "Grounding-Type" receptacles?