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The person higher in status decides if he or she wants to break the distance and, if so, will move to use the singular “you”.You know you are really intimate when the person higher in status curses you, or your sexual organs, or, better, sends you to copulate with your own mother. This is a social institution that exists mostly in the Balkans and is most common in Serbia.I do not know any other culture where such extremes are exhibited.

Who’d have known this would be such a popular topic?!The story of what happened next however is equally extraordinary - how a woman who could have been the First Lady ended up with a prize fighter whose claim to fame is losing a 1973 bout with boxer Larry Holmes at Madison Square Garden.The working class son of an engineer, Mr Bozic got into boxing when the owner of a gym in Toronto took pity on him and gave him a meal every day, making him stay around long enough to get interested in fighting.| more » Belgrade/Durres, – Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said after talks with Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that Macedonia would be abstained if there is a vote on Kosovo's membership in UNESCO.| more » Belgrade, – At today's session the government of the Republic of Serbia adopted amendments to the Decree on the detailed conditions, criteria and elements for the flat-rate taxation of taxpayers on income from independent activities.