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The merger was initially notified as an acquisition by OTK Agri of the whole business of Farm Feed Services.

At the hearing we were notified by the merging parties that the transaction would now involve the sale of assets only.

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Cross Counter can doubling deflecting damage (like Stone Statue of the Aztecs effect).

Reverse Glasses, Mirror Wall, and Shrink is good to halving opponent monster(s) ATK.

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A One Turn Kill that is pulled off during the player's first turn is referred to as a First Turn Kill.

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Defence OTK Duel & Decklist : Stone Statue of the Aztecs Rise to Full Height D2 Shield set that 3 cards.

If your opponent attack your Stone Statue of the Aztecs, active Rise to Full Height and chain with D2 Shield, that will make Stone Statue of the Aztecs DEF become 8000.