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Nearly 50 weapons linked to the Fast and Furious program have been recovered to date in Mexico. Or is it that Eric Holder is just so disconnected … “Whichever it is — he knew and he’s lied to Congress, or he didn’t know, and he’s so detached that he wasn’t doing his job — that really probably is for the administration to make a decision on, sooner not later,” Mr. Those scheduled to testify are William Mc Mahon, ATF deputy assistant director for field operations in Phoenix and Mexico; William Newell, former ATF special agent in charge at the Phoenix field division; Carlos Canino, ATF acting attache to Mexico; Darren Gil, former ATF attache to Mexico; Jose Wall, ATF senior agent in Tijuana, Mexico; and Lorren Leadmon, ATF intelligence operations specialist. 15 shootout with Mexican bandits 10 miles north of the U. Authorities said two AK-47 assault rifles found at the scene were traced back to Fast and Furious “straw buyers.”Mr. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata also was traced back to a straw buyer. Voth said he was “thrilled and proud” his group was involved and assured the agents that “people of rank and authority at HQ are paying close attention.“It may sound cheesy, but we are the tip of the ATF spear when it comes to Southwest border firearms trafficking. Committee investigators said Mexican authorities also were denied information about the operation. Issa also said he is certain the Fast and Furious operation was known by most top officials at the Justice Department and that Attorney General Eric H. either knew and misled Congress, or was so out of the loop that he’s guilty of mismanagement.“How is it that the No. But after receiving subpoenas, at least two of the agents got letters from ATF Associate Chief Counsel Barry S. Issa said at least one witness wanted to back out of testifying to his committee after receiving the letter, but the chairman declined that request. Hoover, deputy director of ATF, saying the “timing and content of this letter strongly suggest that ATF is obstructing and interfering with the congressional investigation.”ATF, in a statement, said letters sent to agents subpoenaed to testify before Congress are “essentially the same as the standard document provided to ATF witnesses subpoenaed to testify in court.” It said the witnesses are “encouraged to answer fully and candidly all questions concerning matters within his personal knowledge,” but provide “guidance” about revealing statutorily prohibited information. Orlow did not return messages left on his office and cell phones. Issa said the ATF operation showed a “callous disregard for what those weapons can and have done to Mexican citizens and even to one, perhaps two U. citizens and probably more before it is over.” His comment referred to new information that another weapon found at the scene of the ambush killing Feb. I will be damned if this case is going to suffer due to petty arguing, rumors or other adolescent behavior,” he wrote.

S., only to be brushed aside; and whether ATF officials in Arizona denied ATF personnel in Mexico access to information about the operation. Is it because they knew what they were doing is wrong, and they were protecting their boss? Voth, who wrote, “We all need to get along and realize that we have a mission to accomplish.” In a March 12, 2010, email, Mr.He's a radio talk-show host, speaker and author of "The Antidote." In addition to writing a weekly column for WND, Peterson appears as a media commentator on Fox News Channel, CNN and other national TV and radio networks. Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid has left the Democratic Party in turmoil. will not be involved in building up foreign nations. Trump accepted a call from the president of Taiwan, the first known contact between a U. president or president-elect with a Taiwanese leader since 1979.Now, many acknowledge that Barack Obama’s aggressive far left agenda played a major role in Hillary’s loss. Trump is letting our allies and enemies know that America can once again be relied upon as a superpower and a backer of freedom. Vladimir Putin has been outplaying Obama at every turn.Obama reportedly spied on German leader Angela Merkel and tried to have Syrian President Bashar al-Assad deposed – that one is blowing up in his face, with untold suffering and Assad still firmly in power. Obama is playing a dangerous game of chicken with the Russians, risking all of our lives in the process.It sure seems like an odd time to be provoking a war with Russia.