Leif cam

My passion is the intersection between computers and science.

And it`s not just that it`s real and free - one of the best features of Life Voyeur is that it is totally enormous!

A visit to Valletta is a real trip to the past, exactly when the Knights of St.

John (later Knights of Malta) started its construction in 1566 on the rocky Mount Sciberras under Grandmaster Jean Parisot de la Valette who founded this fortress city that bears his name; thanks to their fortifications and massive bastions the knights won the bloody siege of 1565, part of this architectural treasure had fortunately survived World War II and natural disasters, today it is the main tourist attraction of a city with a large concentration of historic areas and magnificent views.

Furthering the understanding of the dynamic evolution of convective clouds and improving on current convection parametrisations is important as clouds still present a fundamental uncertainty in climate predictions (see 2013 IPCC report) and this uncertainty is only likely to increase as the numerical modelling capacity of large modelling organisations (ECMWF, Met Office, etc) approaches the length-scale of convective clouds and bulk parametrisations are no longer valid.

From October 2015 I will be visiting the Max Plank Institute of Meteorology, Hamburg as part of my Ph D, conducting research in the Clouds and Convection group and through my research contributing the ECHAM global climate model.