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Course material for students consists of 51 didactic lectures delivered in a video format (available to students for 24 hours, each day of the week for streaming) and a virtual lab experience.

As such, it is fascinating to play, then to play it again later and see how it does. Although Abby doesn't claim to be a psychologist, it is fun to chat with her.It was developed by Robin Hamman who has been living in, studying, and building online communities since 1985.Robin is currently working as 'Communities Evangelist' at Talk Cast Corporation where he is using Internet, i TV, and Wireless technologies to build communities.The following articles and books are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the theories and aspects of Online Communities: . Unmoderated lists allow anyone to send anything to everyone on the list, regardless of relavence.This is a unique chat bot that initially seems like a simple game of 20 Questions.