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They're seriously the pant equivalent of burkas for how much they leave to potential hookups' imaginations.Even straight guys today wouldn't wear jeans or chinos that big unless they were each standing in one pant leg to do a comedy bit.

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Maybe it's time for some of them to give fans a treat and pull a Dean Cain, popping up on Berlantis' shows and reminding Dennis, a waiter and amateur photographer, and our protagonist. President Arthur Mitchum, who gets brought up to speed via high-level FBI briefings on the curious case of the infamously tattooed "Jane" and develops a personal interest in her, arranging an unorthodox one-on-one meeting...

Though "Leverage" is formulaic, the story of its characters is always interesting, and the team's jobs are always fun to watch (and guess the outcome). One in particular features Tim and Gina and their relationship, and you get to see some of their intimate moments and the way that they are together in a way that you don't get to see in our usual episodes.

Now in year five, Riesgraf says the overall plotline will start to mimic the show-by-show structure. Then there's one that focuses more on the three of us - me, Hardison and Eliot - and you get to see us in action mode together, and it's really fun." In an interesting twist this season, the audience is starting to see what the villains see each week: unexpected character transformation.

Eliot is a skilled fighter with a razor sharp mind and zen-like demeanor.

He prefers hand-to-hand combat to guns, for which he has an active dislike, despite his skills as a marksman.