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Multiple sources confirm that the Real Housewives Of New York star has quietly resumed dating Dennis again. Naturally, Kail was pissed and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Her sage advice to Mike is “date to mate,” as in he should only be sleeping with women he plans to reproduce with. I have a feeling Mike has listened to “Gold Digger” many-a-times and ain’t gonna get stuck with no 18 years.The couple has been cozying-up together in the Hamptons throughout the summer and has been spotted around NYC. Jenelle said the MTV crew told her but when Kail confronted them, she decided that was unlikely she’s right but more on that in a second. We have a new mini reality star photo roundup for your snarking pleasure. Either that or no woman wants to get stuck with Vicki for the next 18 years! Do you keep up with the latest breaking news about your favorite reality stars and reality shows?Before it all kicks off, Mark Deuber complains about how his maid doesn’t fold the socks properly [insert eye roll emoji]. I can respect that –while she did sign up for a reality show, I do think some things are a given when it comes to privacy and pregnancy is one of them.The CEO of the Westcott House, Kameron Westcott brags about having the most sought after Spanish teacher in Dallas, Romina, to prep her kids for their upcoming Cabo trip. You may think Dennis Shields had gotten his fill of the Skinnygirl and her antics already, but apparently he’s back for a second helping! Too bad Jenelle did not get the memo on that one and tweeted Kail congrats on her third pregnancy, blowing her whole cover.When a caller said a lot of the men she'd been dating recently were telling her only what she wanted to hear, Stanger, who is Jewish, immediately asked, "Are they Jewish?" before proclaiming that "they lie." The caller then clarified that the guys she'd been dating weren't Jewish. They're quiet, they're at peace." "But the gay man," she went on, "they whip it out at eye lock!

Taking calls from viewers, Stanger repeatedly packaged gay and Jewish stereotypes as insight in a segment that offended viewers and made host Andy Cohen visibly uncomfortable. Another caller hit on similar themes, and got a similar response from Stanger.

“Stay tuned for exciting news as I move to a wonderful new network!

” PHOTOS: Stars who got their start on reality TV Stanger, 54, helmed the hit Bravo reality show and has helped to set up bold-faced names like Perez Hilton, Dina Lohan, and Kenya Moore over the years.

Old friends are sorting out the past, while others are showing up dressed in full costume to light a fire. Tamra blogs about last night’s episode, “Peggy says it’s petty for Vicki and I to be arguing. I’m just over Vicki’s crap and I don’t choose to have friends that stab me In the back all the time. ” If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan (or not), you likely saw the unintended reveal of Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy news as it happened on Twitter, courtesy of fellow cast mate, Jenelle Evans.

Things have already reached a boiling point and it’s only episode two! Tonight you get to see what happened behind the scenes. Kail maintains that she didn’t announce her pregnancy on social media because she wanted control of her own story and more importantly, she hadn’t passed the 20 week scan to make sure everything is ok.