Anand dating

While Priya ventures into different languages, Ashok manages to strike the right balance between art films and commercial hits. Most memorable Christmas celebration Priya: My favourite Christmas was when I first got my apartment in Chennai and I registered it on Rajini sir’s birthday, which is 12-12-12.

That year, we happily set up a tree and that’s the first time we had a Christmas tree at my house.

Though they term their relationship as friendship, there can be no smoke without a fire." Interestingly, the couple have gone through failed marriages earlier and now they have found love in each other.

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The rise of social media has given birth to a new type of star: the influencer.

A source told Telly Chakkar, "The duo is very much together and enjoys each other's company.

For the last six months, being shooting together away from the city, the two developed feelings for each other.

But that impatience can lead to time wasted on dates you know, deep down, are duds.

Turns out, single women who make the decision to freeze their eggs say the experience turned them into better daters.